Key Holder Program
About Key Holder Program
The Key Holder program is a database containing address and after hours contact information for businesses in Collier County. This information is provided to the Sheriff's office by the businesses of Collier County on a voluntary basis.
Why does the Sheriff's Office collect key holder information?
The Key Holder program gives our deputies and 911 operators Key Holder contact information they can use when responding to calls at business properties. When our deputies and 911 operators are called to your property, we attempt to find your key holder information in the Key Holder database. Once we obtain the matching key holder information for your business, it tells us who to call when access to locked entry ways is necessary.
Who should register with the Key Holder Program?
The Key Holder Program is for Collier County businesses located at a commercial property. Home businesses should not enroll since the home owner is the key holder.
What should I do?
Whether you’re new to the Key Holder program, or you provided the paper card in the past, everyone must register and create a Login in order to use this online system. Click on the Register button below and complete the form to create your Login. If you already have a Login, click the Login button. Once you're logged in, you will be able to update your business key holder information as needed. Read and follow all instructions carefully.
I have already registered and I want to login.
I'm new to the Key Holder program and I want to register.
For assistance with the Key Holder Program please contact the 911 Office at 239-252-9370.